Cloud + Stars - Print at Home


Cloud + Stars - Print at Home


Pencil sketch of a Cloud With Stars. Scanned in and painted digitally, then prepared for you to easily print your digital download at home. 
Your colorful nursery wall art will be delivered to you instantly in your recent orders. 


♥️ Printable Wall Art is an affordable way to switch up the atmosphere of any room, at any time! 

♥️ Your Instant Print Includes: 

(1) high res 16" X 20" (41cm x 51.75cm) x JPG file that can be scaled to suit your needs. 

Note: Your printable art can easily be cropped or printed to different sizes


♥️ Your instant download be printed in all of the following sizes: 

Inches // 

4 x 5 
4 x 6 
6 x 8 
6 x 9 
8 x 10
8.5 x 11
8 x 12 
9 x 12 
10 x 15 
11 x 14 
12 x 16 
12 x 18 
16 x 20

♥️ Great For: 

Kitchen Wall Art
Nursery Wall Art
Kids Room Art
Living Room Wall Art
Office Wall Art
Bathroom Decor
Dining Room Wall Art
Apartment Decor
Workplace Art
Inspirational Wall Art
Affordable Gifts


♥️ Ways to Print

Print your instant wall art at home, or send your digital file to a reputable print company such as, who will print your image and ship it to you for very reasonable rates. 

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