Services I Offer

Bohemian Motherhood Photography | Bohemian Family Photography

My clients and I typically get into a vibe and want to keep on creating, if that gives any insight to how a session with me might go! These sessions are ethereal, out of the ordinary yet classic, bohemian, and deeply moving in the moment... like being swept away outside of time and space. Together we’ll work to bring out the soul stuff — the serious expressions, the gut-deep laughs, the freedom to be real together.. Every little element plays a part from the colors and styling to the quality of light to the kind of connection we develop throughout our time together. Sessions can be done in my private studio or on location. I’ve gotten to know some pretty unique locations in the Appalachian region and you can be sure we’ll find the perfect backdrop for your images. Your home can even act as the studio, all you need is a single blank wall. I’ll come to you with lights and take care of the rest.

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Lifestyle Motherhood Photography | Lifestyle Family Photography

Let’s talk real talk for a moment — I am literally fascinated by family dynamics, family relationships, and close bonds. Close bonds are something I didn’t understand well as my worldview was shaped, and so they are extraordinarily beautiful to me. Close bonds are sacred. Rare. Invaluable. When I get the invitation to photograph a lifestyle session, I’m compelled to reflect on relationship as a whole philosophy. I’m shaped by this kind of work, and I just want to give you a glimpse of how truly special your relationships are through photographs. For you to visibly see how your bonds and experiences can never be replicated or replaced.

Lifestyle sessions blend candid moments with an editorial (magazine) feel. What are some words to describe what it’s like to work with me during a lifestyle session? Fun. Free spirited. Relaxed. Sweet. Intimate. Yes, I will intervene with direction but overall I’m looking for the natural art that is your life, right there in the shared closeness of your relationship. What are your mornings like? Bedtime? Do you like to create together? Cook together? Is gardening your favorite pastime? Is there a special place you like to go spend time together? You decide which memories - at home or elsewhere - are the most important to you and I’ll help you remember them.

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Ohio Childbirth Photography

You’ll receive emotive photographs that illustrate the miracle of your baby’s birth, including artistic images of labor, delivery, and after-birth closeness. The raw nature of these images truly represents the beauty of birth. I take special care to gain a full understanding of your family, the circumstances, and what you’re looking for. Birth photography sessions are currently limited to one Ohio birth photography session per month.

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Welcome Home, Baby | Lifestyle Newborn Sessions

I document the arrival of new babies within the first three weeks of birth. You’ll receive a collection of beautiful in-home lifestyle photographs along with several styled (natural) portraits of baby. I’ll spend 2-3 hours with baby and family as you welcome your new little one(s) home.

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Image Presentation & Delivery

Fine Art Retouching
Following your session I will carefully review your images to select the most captivating photographs. You can expect a fine-art feel that is gritty, aged, and film-like. I use customized, fine-art retouching. Many times I create a processing style exclusive to a session, based on the energy and emotion. Each image receives individual care and attention, and I consider how the images complement one another as a whole. This is similar to the process of curating images for display in an art gallery.

Image Presentation & Ordering
After I have fully retouched the images, you can look forward to a marriage of dramatic + emotive images in artful presentation within 3-5 business days. From here, you can select which prints and products will work best for your needs. We can absolutely do this in person for a personalized ordering experience. Otherwise, I will create an online gallery that can be viewed for 7 days.

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