Spider Dance

This spider moved in, on the back corner of our home. I had the pleasure of observing her while she reconstructed part of her web a couple of weeks ago. I wasn't sure if I should use artificial lighting to help brighten the scene, but as it grew darker her silhouette became more and more beautiful to watch. If you look closely you can faintly see the web in every single image. It's been awhile since I made a black and white series of well... anything. I've been somewhat fixated on spiders over the last few months, mostly because they continue to appear when I have my camera with me. 

Omen? :) 



This tree near the water was a dreamy backdrop... Unfortunately there were three others that flew away as I was testing my gear, and then this one soon followed. But I did get a few shots :) 

Concepts for Ana Aguilar's Nova Malachite Ring

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