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How to Talk To Trees (and why you should)


The first time I talked to trees was as a child, although you tend to trust your actions more as a child, contemplate them less. 

In my early thirties was the first marked experience as an adult when a tree undoubtedly spoke to me. This is not something you can say to just anyone without them tilting their head sideways and giving you a goofy stare. I had been spending pretty much all of my free time hiking and reconnecting with Nature - more time than most would consider "normal," at least that judgment has been placed on me by more than a few people.

"Are you sure it's healthy to spend all your time that way?"

A woman once said that to me. 

For a time, I started to question whether or not that was true. Was I spending too much time alone in the woods? Was it turning me into someone weird and delusional? It wasn't long before I stopped asking myself those silly question and rooted deeper into my way of being that is indeed "normal" for me.  (And if these kinds of experiences are delusions, I enjoy them a helluva lot more than things I used to spend my time doing). 

On the day an enormous Grandfather Tree spoke to me, I was hiking alone on the edge of the lake in Delaware County, Ohio. The moment I caught the first glimpse of Grandfather Tree, there was a sudden urge to be nearer to him. So I went to him, placed my hands on the bark, looked up in awe and in a flash remembered the tree in my Grandmother's front yard that I used to climb frequently with my younger sister Jessica. Our little kid butts would fit perfectly into these "seats" that were formed where branches joined together, and we would climb from seat to seat, sitting in each one. "This one is mine!" I remembered my sister climbing above me exclaiming playfully, as I gazed in memory from an adult body that hadn't felt that kind of connection to a tree in a long time. 

It was as if the tree encouraged me to remember. 

The tree's roots twisted up out of the Earth and across the soil in an artful display. I sat on them, held onto one of the roots with my hand, closed my eyes, and did a short meditation. When I opened my eyes I had a bunch of scattered, new information in my awareness. I did not consciously arrive at the ideas, nor had I ever considered them before (which made the sudden presence of alien thoughts in my psyche even more peculiar). That is the only way I know how to describe it. 

I took several photos of the Tree before I left and all I could think about for the rest of the day was how I thought the tree communicated new ideas to me. Basically letting me know, telling me straight up, that it was a conscious being. The way it had done it was really subtle. There were no words, just flashes of imagery and feelings, mostly. Those flashes and feelings lead to a great deal of insight, over time, which ended up answering a lot of my existential questions.

I have attempted to share this information with people in a number of ways, but the way that worked best was via the card I created in the Universal Mind Oracle Deck entitled, "Giver, Karma." The tree on the card was the Grandfather Tree from this story :) 

38-GIVER copy.jpg


Trees communicate with one another, transporting nutrients through intricate underground root systems that become interlinked through fungal threads, or mycelium. These "Mother Trees" are able to recognize their own seedlings and tend to favor them, sending nutrients through the dense mycelium highways to help their youth grow into strong, resilient adult trees. Such communication enriches the forest and its root systems.

It is a gift to experience the consciousness of Trees; we can sense their wisdom, experience, and life-sustaining vibrations. 

Source: Yale Environment 360: Exploring How and Why Trees Talk to Each Other


It makes sense that Trees would communicate with one another, but why would a human attempt to talk to a tree? There are many reasons - the first being the sheer joy and wonderment of the experience. The next reason I would offer, is to thank them for what they do. Just how much they do for us is not something I considered during my teens and 20's. I like this article about the reasons trees are so important.  Talking to the trees helps us tap into, and reconnect with our intuitive language. We may be conditioned to use words most of the time, but there is an entire language that doesn't need words that exists all around us, all of the time. The insight and clarity I have received through the many interactions I've had with trees is awe-inspiring. They have so much wisdom to share about our Earthly, human experiences and can help us remember that humans and animals are not the only conscious beings on the planet. Through that, we begin to respect our surroundings more while at the same time, tuning into ourselves and our true nature. It was not so long ago that speaking to the trees was "normal" and natural. 


There are many ways to talk with trees and other elements in nature. I will list some of them here, but I encourage you to go out and experiment in your own way. Sometimes they will let you know they are listening, through the rustle of a branch, a gentle isolated breeze, or simply a feeling in the core of your body that feels a bit like butterflies fluttering about. 

1. Place your hands on a tree, or its roots, close your eyes, and tune into its energy. 

2. Gaze upon the tree and simply observe it. Many times this will bring thoughts, questions, and answers up from the subconscious and into your conscious awareness. 

3. Study a tree that you are drawn to and get in touch with its textures, leaves, colors. Get to know the properties of the tree and journal about how it applies to your life at present. 

4. Sit with a tree and silently offer gratitude for its presence. As you do that, begin to open up to the tree in the same way you would a trusted friend, then listen from the center of the heart. Don't judge or overthink the experience, just give it a try and see what happens. 


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