Ohio senior portraits

Portraits Give Teenagers a Confidence Boost!

Everyone appreciates a portrait of themselves that makes them stop and think, “wow, I really like this picture of me!” When it comes to teenagers, this is especially true. In today’s age of selfies, millions of pictures across the web on the daily, of course magazines, YouTube channels and more… there is an endless stream of stuff that is influencing our kids and the way they feel about themselves. What I love about making portraits of teenagers is the way you see them light up when you tell them, “you are absolutely stunning,” and give them an experience that makes them feel stunning along the way.

That’s what beauty is all about - the way you feel.

When we did this session together, I saw so much light, happiness, and confidence coming through M’s eyes and body language. We had so much fun picking just the right pieces and parts to create these looks, but I think the best part of this process was watching M step deeper (and more comfortably) into her unique beauty with every snap of the shutter.

Getting comfortable in front of the camera can be a challenge… even as a photographer, I avoid the lens with everything I’ve got :p — then again, I just prefer to be behind it. And what a treat it was to be behind it on this day! We made a necklace out of Marigolds from my garden and used a vintage painting as a backdrop to create these head shots <3