Beautiful Ohio Maternity Session | Ohio Photographer

I was so excited to find out that this sweet family was bringing another baby into the world. By request, this session was focused more on the motherhood aspect… since this will be the last pregnancy for C. There is something about a session on the beach in the early hours; the kids were bright-eyed, the air was fresh, and the rising fog set the mood. With some organic dinosaur fruit snacks to fall back on, we were SET. Little Miss H even learned to appreciate the sand between her toes during this session, while young Mr E explored the shoreline. Believe it or not, this session took place all in one location. I thoroughly scope the scene to give even smaller sessions as much variety as possible (especially when it comes to light).

I loved the simple outfits and colors this mama coordinated for the first part of the session! The styling truly illustrated who they are. Styling can can completely transform the feel of a session, as you can see in the later shots when we got creative with textures and fabric. I picked the flowers from my yard, grown from seed, for an added touch of sentiment. C.’s natural beauty and femininity come to life as the session progresses, would you agree? Let me know in the comments :)