The Garden Spider <3

When the Lemon Basil started to come up this year, I realized I had so much more than I would ever need for one season, even if I dried it all. But a wonderful thing happened towards the late part of summer. When the herbs started to flower, they attracted so many bees and other insects! It has been really enjoyable to watch. The scent of this herb is incredible - it reminds me of Lemongrass. Very aromatic and wonderful to bring for arrangements that will light up a room, and you can pick the leaves off for cooking or tea. It is delicious! I will definitely grow this again next year. It has been my first time working with this herb so closely.

Yesterday I noticed that a spider had built a home on the remaining blossoms and decided to go photograph her this afternoon. It was the perfect day for that, because I have been reflecting on the concept of Home so much lately. Not only did I capture Ms. Spider and a little corner of her home, but also framed the images so that our home was lit up in the background by the warm afternoon light. I love going out to the herb garden in the late afternoon when all the tiny creatures are settling in and I think these photos really translate that :)

How might you photograph something around the outside of your home in a way that tells a story about it? I invite you to do that, and share your results!

Blessings for your weekend,