The Seeker's Oracle | VALLEY

The tentative card name for this finished piece is: "Valley", for the upcoming
sequel / companion deck to The Universal Mind, called The Seeker's Oracle. There is no release date for this deck yet, but you can check back here for updates as the artwork takes shape.

The Seeker's Oracle can be worked with as a standalone deck, even though it will carry over seamlessly from The Universal Mind (part one).  Readers who are already acquainted with The Universal Mind Oracle likely notice that as the deck moves past card 22, "Journey," the artwork swings in a slightly different direction as it builds toward card 44, "The Universal Mind". The more and more you work with The Universal Mind Oracle, the more you can see how it reads somewhat like a story from card 01 to card 44. Card 01, Synchronicity, represents the cues we are given, those subtle clues and deja-vus that often turn out to be the starting point of a whole new phase of our lives. Then, card 44 is deeper knowing - in other words, the reader has moved beyond the hunches and stands strong with wide-open, conscious awareness of all that is. The next phase in one's journey, if we one were to begin from the point of this card, is where The Seeker's Oracle comes in.


The Seeker's Oracle puts off a distinctive energy for enlightened seeking, where the reader approaches the cards with a sense of certainty, groundedness, confirmation. Alternately, in the Universal Mind, one is a bit more uncertain, still in deep-self-discovery-mode. Of course, we do cycle back through the self-discovery phase many times in our lives. Readers who will likely connect with The Seeker's Oracle are those who are coming back home to themselves after what has felt like a long journey, feeling refreshed, with more awareness and heightened intuition. The Universal Mind Oracle provides peaceful support and encouragement, while The Seeker's Oracle will offer sustained focus, empowered vision, and next-level intuitive work. 


Without further ado, here is: Valley.

I'm curious to know how this card speaks to you! Feel free to leave a comment below. 

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