Love Poems: Project Unfolding

If my memory serves me correctly, I was 9 or 10 years old when we were taught to write limericks at school. My first limerick was about a Unicorn eating stew: 


"A Unicorn quietly flew

Back to her home for some stew

She gobbled it down, 

Feet off the ground! 

That is what she likes to do."


Writing in verse quickly became one of my favorite pastimes as a child and as I grew into an adult, writing lyrics, stories, and poetry became one of the ways I processed my feelings and emotions. Writing, in general, is something I've always done whether journaling or poetry or researching or blogging. Professionally-speaking, I've done copywriting, course writing, and spiritual writing, but recently I have been doing different things with writing, and fusing it together with photography / illustration in various ways.

Last year, The Universal Mind Oracle Deck was released with a written guidebook, and it was like a door to another world opened afterward. I haven't stopped creating new images, and I haven't stopped writing. I just didn't know what to do with the ideas, how to organize them, or what to do next. It's easy to want to do everything all at once. 

In the grand scheme of things I view one's journey to clarity more as unfolding. Humans are much like perennial flowers; unfolding, blooming for a time, withering, dying, staying dormant for awhile, and then reemerging. 

I'd always wanted to compile my poetry, and actually I did several years back in 2012 release a free volume of prose and poetry on Scribd called "Quiet: Reflections," but pulled it off the website after feeling disappointed about the project as a whole. Since then I've learned the value of giving things time to grow, strengthening your approach, and digging deeper within yourself to do whatever inner-work needs to be done.


Reemergence, like perennials, with new petals and colors and fresh fragrance. 

So... I started again last year, compiling and revising and creating anew. I've also sidetracked myself along the way with irrelevant projects and endeavors, but I think in some ways we are good at unconsciously sabotaging ourselves when we have lingering fears that have not yet been attended to. 



It's interesting how things start coming together, without realizing anything is coming together at all. 

Last August (2017) I made some images of the night sky. Then on a cold day out hiking in February, I took some images of icicles. Both of those efforts turned out to be the perfect fit for cover art to a collection of love poems I'm assembling. Here's the progression:



I'll share more information on this project as it unfolds! Thank you for reading. I would love to hear what the cover art evokes within you.