B & K Enjoy the Cooler Evenings | Ohio Motherhood Photography

Here are some favorites from an Ohio Motherhood Session, a Small Session, photographed back in October of 2018 at Salt Fork State Park. I just love their sweet smiles and the obviously close bond between them! This little cutie just recently turned two, though, so she’s growing fast! Which is why sessions like these are invaluable.

The entire session was edited using a Lightroom Preset I created last year and it’s one that I use pretty frequently. It goes so well with the richer colors B chose for their outfits and works well in outdoor scenarios where there is a lot of green, because it deepens and defines the tones.

Without further ado, I hope you enjoy these two : )

K + A | Ohio Wedding Photography

K + A are such a special pair. I admire their devotion to the roles they play in their relationship, which has blossomed into a beautiful marriage. They are playful, sweet, and generous, and they always act in the best interests of one another and their family. Don’t let all this serious sentiment fool you though, they are also goofy, giggly, and mysteriously laid back. For example, the guys’ tuxedo’s didn’t arrive until an hour before they started getting ready, yet when I showed up for pictures everyone was cool like cucumbers. Or when Katie’s original dress didn’t work out just 2 weeks before the wedding, she simply picked out a different one — you know, no big deal. That’s just one of the rare qualities that stand out about these two.

I’ve worked with K and her kiddos so many times in the last decade that we’ve become friends over time, and when she chose me to photograph her wedding it felt extra-special. Watching the blessings unfold in their lives, and then being a part of the process and witnessing two people in love sharing genuine vows was indeed a blessing for me!

Here are some selected images from their Zanesville, Ohio wedding <3

A Lake Sunset to Celebrate Baby | Ohio Family Portraits

I was honored to do the first maternity session for K, as the H family prepares to celebrate the arrival of their fifth baby, knowing it would be momma’s last pregnancy. Yes, you heard that correctly - it’s gonna be the fifth child * wink *. The dress K picked out for herself was just perfect for the casual, fun feel they chose to truly represent their family dynamic. As I’ve been photographing more regularly over the last year, I find that I’m falling into a new “style,” if you want to call it that. But I truly believe that how we see the world (and express what we see) has more to do with our spiritual, inner state of being.

With that said, I also have to mention that K and family have been a part of my inner transformation over the last year. I started going to church with them in early November of last year. I suppose we all have our ways of living vicariously through others, and that’s how I feel when I look at these photos. You can see a sharing of love and connection between these seven souls (six plus baby!) in the way they just hang out together. And the way the children look at their parents is enough to bring tears to your eyes!

The session was fun, but it was also * rad * because we even found a rock shaped like Ohio, and it’s featured in the 4th pick from the bottom. That was very symbolic for me because in that moment, everything felt exactly as it was supposed to be, in just the right place, at just the right time.

Thank you so much, H family, for allowing me to document this very special time in your lives.

Travel Dates | West Virginia & Pennsylvania Portraits

Hello WV and Central PA! I’ll be coming your way next week.

I am headed to central PA for a portrait session on the 10th, and am making room for additional sessions. If you'd like to schedule a session with me on the 9th or the 11th, I can come to you in: Wheeling WV, Washington PA, Pittsuburgh PA, Blairesville PA, and I'll be posted up in Duncansville PA with room for one additional session while I'm there working. See you soon and I look forward to working with you!



Beautiful Ohio Maternity Session | Ohio Photographer

I was so excited to find out that this sweet family was bringing another baby into the world. By request, this session was focused more on the motherhood aspect… since this will be the last pregnancy for C. There is something about a session on the beach in the early hours; the kids were bright-eyed, the air was fresh, and the rising fog set the mood. With some organic dinosaur fruit snacks to fall back on, we were SET. Little Miss H even learned to appreciate the sand between her toes during this session, while young Mr E explored the shoreline. Believe it or not, this session took place all in one location. I thoroughly scope the scene to give even smaller sessions as much variety as possible (especially when it comes to light).

I loved the simple outfits and colors this mama coordinated for the first part of the session! The styling truly illustrated who they are. Styling can can completely transform the feel of a session, as you can see in the later shots when we got creative with textures and fabric. I picked the flowers from my yard, grown from seed, for an added touch of sentiment. C.’s natural beauty and femininity come to life as the session progresses, would you agree? Let me know in the comments :)

Maternity Session with J. in Rural Ohio

How beautiful is this mama and her glow, as she celebrates the coming of her third child with her very first maternity session out in some of Ohio’s lesser-known terrain. Since I had each background scene pre-mapped, we were able to very safely (and very quickly) walk just a few steps away from our cars at each spot to get these incredible views. Sidenote: I have been shown even more hidden gems since this session ;)