Michelle is an artist, spiritual writer, & certified crystal healer


On a whim in December of 2012, I took a solo trip to Pisgah National Forest. I was searching, for what I wasn't so sure. The third day on a dark, grey afternoon I stood alone looking out across a mountain valley. Gnarled branches twisted upwards among pines beneath the ominous clouds, and a lone mountain peak stood powerfully in the distance. I just kept standing, gazing, completely entranced by the unusual view. The longer I gazed the more I felt the essence of my being seeping into the landscape, and the landscape seeping into me. As I breathed in the experience the Earth spoke; an inner-knowing washed over me that coursed through my senses and left my skin tingling. Without much time to process what had happened, I realized it was getting darker. For a moment I felt lost and alone and afraid, I missed my son, I wanted to call someone, anyone, to tell them what had happened. But there weren't words to describe it, and I had no cell phone reception. So I hurried back to the car, turned on the heat, released a long sigh and drove back down the Blue Ridge Parkway. That eerie view and the way Nature spoke so clearly has never left me. After my return to home I continued to Trust in the call of the trees, forests, rivers, and landscapes, and created space in my life to fully embrace the realms of the Mysterious Beyond. 

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education & experience


2005 - present | Freelance Artist & Photographer

2014 - present |  Spiritual Writer & Blogger

August 2017 | B.A. in Philosophy at APUS

2016 & 2017 | (3) Certifications in Crystal Healing

Feb 2014 - Sep 2015 | Certified Hypnotist, Holistic Wellness Coach, and Classroom Instructor with PCH. Received ongoing hypnotherapy training for behavior modification under Maureen Pisani of The Chopra Center for 6 months. 

2013 - 2014 | Blogger + Photographer for SAMSUNG Camera Blog

2010 - 2012 | Creative Instructor + Coursewriter at ClickinMoms.com

2007 - 2011 | Digital Designer + Artist at The Photo Professional

2002 | Managing Cosmetologist Licensure @ Ohio State School of Cosmetology. Maintained CE's and Ohio Board Licensure for 13+ years. 





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