The Universal Mind Oracle Deck


The Universal Mind Oracle is a 44-card intuition building deck.

The artwork draws the reader into deep connection with Nature's elements that supports the growth of rich, vibrant awareness. 



Loving The Universal Mind. It’s oddly a Shadow deck for me. Wasn’t expecting that! So much healing.
— Jessica of
Working with your oracle deck has been so meditative, and brought me such a sense of peace and calm.”
— Elyse Morgan | Wild Moon Woman
“I’ve been using the cards for nearly 2 months now, and they are amazing. You truly did bless them and I can feel them blessing me when I use them. Ofc, they also loudly remind me when I’m ignoring their advice, but they are gentle, wise, and I feel they encourage me with their energy.”

— V. Garlock
I love this deck, the moment I first saw it I was so drawn to it. It’s beautiful, it’s powerful, it’s full of connection. Thank you for its creation.”
— Soul Speaks Design |
You are moving such amazing energy. Keep spreading your light.”
— Chris Gruden |
Great for everyday inspiration and meditation.
— Pauline N. Julianna
The Universal Mind Oracle is stunning. There is so much depth and connection to nature available through this deck. It’s a masterpiece.
— Dyanna Littke
I sincerely love these cards. I have a lot of decks, and this quickly became a favorite.
— India Simpson